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9/30 Football  Kuna vs Borah
9/30 Football  Soda Springs vs West Side
10/1 Football  Dietrich vs Butte County
10/1 Football  Highland (Poc) vs Thunder Ridge
10/1 Football  Moscow vs Lewiston
10/1 Football  Preston vs Sugar-Salem
10/1 Football  Timberline (Boise) vs Eagle
10/7 Football  Owyhee vs Borah
10/8 Football  Aberdeen vs North Fremont
10/8 Football  Blackfoot vs Rigby
10/8 Football  Capital vs Mountain View
10/8 Football  Centennial vs Kuna
10/8 Football  Coeur d'Alene vs Lake City
10/8 Football  Emmett vs Middleton
10/8 Football  Filer vs Gooding

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9/27 Volleyball  Ambrose -vs- Council
9/25 Volleyball  Parma vs Kimberly
9/25 Volleyball  Parma vs Buhl
9/25 Girls Soccer  American Falls vs Buhl
9/24 Girls Soccer  Owyhee vs Timberline JV
9/24 Girls Soccer  Owyhee vs Timberline (Boise)
9/24 Football  Mountain Home vs Kimberly
9/24 Football  Filer vs Wendell
9/24 Football  Genesee at Lapwai + Fruitland Band
9/24 Football  Jerome vs Canyon Ridge
9/24 Football  Malad vs Soda Springs
9/24 Football  Moscow vs Lake City
9/24 Football  Tri-Valley vs Council
9/23 Girls Soccer  Vallivue vs Bishop Kelly
9/23 Volleyball  Garden Valley -vs- Council (JV) Action Photos
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21-22VolleyballAmbrose -vs- Council9/27/202106:15 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
21-22VolleyballParma vs Kimberly9/25/202102:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22VolleyballParma vs Buhl9/25/202111:00 AMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerAmerican Falls vs Buhl9/25/202111:00 AMWesley Turner View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerOwyhee vs Timberline JV9/24/202105:30 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerOwyhee vs Timberline (Boise)9/24/202106:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22FootballMountain Home vs Kimberly9/24/202107:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22FootballFiler vs Wendell9/24/202107:00 PMWesley Turner View Photos
21-22FootballGenesee at Lapwai + Fruitland Band9/24/202107:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
21-22FootballJerome vs Canyon Ridge9/24/202107:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
21-22FootballMalad vs Soda Springs9/24/202107:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
21-22FootballMoscow vs Lake City9/24/202107:00 PMMike Turner View Photos
21-22FootballTri-Valley vs Council9/24/202107:00 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerVallivue vs Bishop Kelly9/23/202106:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22VolleyballGarden Valley -vs- Council (JV)9/23/202106:15 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
21-22VolleyballColumbia vs Bishop Kelly9/23/202106:30 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22VolleyballTwin Falls vs Canyon Ridge9/23/202107:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22VolleyballMalad vs Soda Springs9/23/202107:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
21-22FootballBear Lake vs Malad 7th Grade9/22/202104:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
21-22Boys SoccerRocky Mountain vs Borah9/22/202106:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22VolleyballKimberly vs Gooding9/22/202107:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22Boys SoccerTimberlake vs Orofino9/21/202104:00 PMSadie Anderson View Photos
21-22Boys SoccerLake City vs Coeur d'Alene9/21/202104:30 PMMike Turner View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerGooding vs Kimberly9/21/202105:45 PMRyan Geer View Photos
21-22VolleyballRaft River vs Oakley9/21/202106:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
21-22VolleyballAmerican Falls vs Filer9/20/202106:30 PMKelly Magee View Photos
21-22Girls SoccerJerome vs Twin Falls9/18/202111:00 AMWesley Turner View Photos
21-22FootballWest Jefferson vs Malad JV9/17/202104:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
21-22VolleyballVision Charter vs Hagerman9/17/202104:30 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
21-22Boys SoccerImmaculate Conception vs Timberlake9/17/202105:00 PMSadie Anderson View Photos

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